Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Me in a nut shell

So today has been a weird day. Last month I bought a new bed. A futon to be exact. So today I was sitting on it and I heard something fall on the floor. I got up and looked around and low and behold part of my bed broke. The back part of my bed creaked and a piece fell on the floor. It is really annoying because I paid 600 dollars for this bed and it broke already not even a month later. Talk about dumb. So on Sunday I have to drive and get a new bed from Slumberland. Decided that I'm getting a completely different bed. But because of all this my break from my bf is ending a day early which is fine by me lol. He has to come help me get this one out and get the new one in lol. I'm excited to get the new bed with a real mattress. Thought the futon would be nice for when I move into my own place but for now I really need a bed. Im weird like that lol. This was the top of the worst week ever lol. Makes me wonder what to expect next.

Anyways I have found a new obsession. Greys Anatomy is an awesome show. Im glad I started watching it. The joys of working at a movie store is that I can watch dvds for free and at the place I work we rent tv series as well as movies so I rented the first season and am now halfway done with the second season. I was quite surprised by how good it is lol. I am excited that season 5 is coming out on dvd on Tuesday lol. Just peeved we didn't get it at the store for some reason.

Lastly a question for anyone who's reading. What would you do if you tried so hard to make people around you happy and it never seemed to work or ever matter to them?? Thanks for reading if anyone does.

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  1. I feel delightful and relaxed reading you post, it's funny and lively, i'd like to know about something interesting or special of your life.
    as for your question, I've been trying to please someone-- a guy, actually, but I am a little tired of buzzing around him, not being myself . I think the most important thing is to keep yourself happy, be who you are. I believe that everyone around you will feel happy and lucky because you are totally worth it. I like you simply through reading your blog, I can't imagine anybody who doesn't appreciate your existing.