Sunday, December 27, 2009

Vacation from life please

So I decided that I need a vacation from my life. Today Tony and me decided that he would talk to his roommate about me maybe moving in with them. I was really excited about it and posted on my facebook that it might happen someday. Well his roommates girlfriend saw it and told his roommate that me and tony are going to move in together and leave him in the dust and yeah stuff like that. SO Doug, Tony's roommate got in a huge fight with him for like an hour and yeah shit hit the fan all because I said someday we would move in together. So I have decided that I hate Doug and his girlfriend Ami. Not that I ever liked Ami to began with really but now its even worse. It just makes me really mad. Tony called me and yelled at me for like 20 minutes for posting something on my facebook like normal. I know I'm stupid but I was excited about finally after a year and 3 months of dating that I would be finally moving in with Tony. Well so much for that I guess. Why can't anything ever go right in my life.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

strange world we live in

So that girl that I was talking about from work finally got fired. Now she is saying she will sue us because of it. I wish her luck since she doesn't have a case and any lawyer not looking for just money will tell her as much. But yeah anyways so that has been taken care of. Life has seemed to be getting a little better for me. My boyfriend and I just celebrated our one year anni. It was awesome went and saw Kevin Smith. He is an awesome person. Then we just spent time together lol. It was nice. Got a new bed which I love. Its nice to have more then a mattress on the floor. Lots of stuff has been going on lately. But thats all I have time to write for now. Will hopefully be able to write more tomorrow.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Odd things in life

One thing I have noticed of late is that when things go bad for some people they go bad. My coworker just broke up with her boyfriend of a year and a half. He sent her a text message. It drives me crazy. Some men are just so heartless. It is like there chicken shits or something. Makes you wonder. Anyways its things like that that get you thinking, why do people do this stuff to people they are supposed to love. Why does a guy call her girlfriend a selfish bitch or treat them badly and then just blame it on being drunk and tell you they never actually meant it. Should you really forgive someone when something like that happens?

When someone breaks up with you even if its only for 10 mins because there drunk should you forgive them? I know that is a weird question but it is what started the break between my boyfriend and myself. Granted the break didn't last because we love each other to much to stay away from each other. So how to you fix a problem like this? How do you make it better? Anyways I really need ideas please!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Me in a nut shell

So today has been a weird day. Last month I bought a new bed. A futon to be exact. So today I was sitting on it and I heard something fall on the floor. I got up and looked around and low and behold part of my bed broke. The back part of my bed creaked and a piece fell on the floor. It is really annoying because I paid 600 dollars for this bed and it broke already not even a month later. Talk about dumb. So on Sunday I have to drive and get a new bed from Slumberland. Decided that I'm getting a completely different bed. But because of all this my break from my bf is ending a day early which is fine by me lol. He has to come help me get this one out and get the new one in lol. I'm excited to get the new bed with a real mattress. Thought the futon would be nice for when I move into my own place but for now I really need a bed. Im weird like that lol. This was the top of the worst week ever lol. Makes me wonder what to expect next.

Anyways I have found a new obsession. Greys Anatomy is an awesome show. Im glad I started watching it. The joys of working at a movie store is that I can watch dvds for free and at the place I work we rent tv series as well as movies so I rented the first season and am now halfway done with the second season. I was quite surprised by how good it is lol. I am excited that season 5 is coming out on dvd on Tuesday lol. Just peeved we didn't get it at the store for some reason.

Lastly a question for anyone who's reading. What would you do if you tried so hard to make people around you happy and it never seemed to work or ever matter to them?? Thanks for reading if anyone does.

My first time blogging

Hi this is my first time blogging. I'm mainly starting the blog because I don't have very many friends and would like to make more as well as get advice from people who might have had some of the same situations that I'm in at the moment. I'm hoping that no one will think bad of me for the stuff I say in the blog as I'm just being honest and trying to get my feelings out there. So yeah. Lol.

Anyways sometimes I really wonder why I even try when it comes to a lot of areas of my life. I work at the Movie Gallery in the town where I live. I love my job but am sick of a lot of the people I work with. I feel like I'm doing all the work there even when I'm working with other people. Normally we work only on person at a time but the last few weeks we have had a lot of stuff that needed to get done and I've done a lot of it alone. Last week in fact my boss gave me and my two coworkers a list of stuff that needed to be done and I was the only one who worked on the list. It made me mad when on the Monday after I found out my fellow worker told the girl we are training we had nothing to do when we had a full list of stuff. It was like really why am I the only one working on this shit? Why am I the only one doing my job.

Yesterday I went into work and this same girl was working saying how she is trying to figure out ways to get fired but will quit before September is over as she is looking for a new job as well. Its frustrating because we don't have that many hours for the people who are there so it seems very unfair that she is pulling this calls in sick all the time or she'll send texts to the other employees to come and work for her because she hates that place and doesn't want to work. ANNOYING!!!

Anyways there is that as well as everything that has been going on in my home life. I have a wonderful boyfriend who I love to death but am questioning a lot lately weather he feels the same way. Right as I type this we are taking a week long break from each other to try and figure things out. He promised me that we are not breaking up but its really hard. I'm sitting here hoping and praying that maybe just this once he will miss me enough to text me. That for once I will be important to him. I'm hoping that he will change his mind about the week break because he misses me so much. But I really don't think it will happen. I've never been in love like this before and I think that's what hurts the most. What are you supposed to do when something like this happens? How are you supposed to figure out what you want out of life when no one wants the same things as you do?

The last thing I wanted to write about today is that have you ever been in a position where you need to go to the Dr so bad but you can't because you don't have insurance. Right now that is the position I'm in. I have depression issues and I need to get meds for it but atm I can't it sucks a lot. Mainly because it is part of the reason why my boyfriend and I have been having a lot of problems. I am bipolar as well as having adhd. Its a great thing NOT!! So I'm done complaining for now. I will try to up date weekly but sometimes it will be more often then that. I hoping that I'm able to meet some new friends and stuff on here. Thanks for reading.