Sunday, December 27, 2009

Vacation from life please

So I decided that I need a vacation from my life. Today Tony and me decided that he would talk to his roommate about me maybe moving in with them. I was really excited about it and posted on my facebook that it might happen someday. Well his roommates girlfriend saw it and told his roommate that me and tony are going to move in together and leave him in the dust and yeah stuff like that. SO Doug, Tony's roommate got in a huge fight with him for like an hour and yeah shit hit the fan all because I said someday we would move in together. So I have decided that I hate Doug and his girlfriend Ami. Not that I ever liked Ami to began with really but now its even worse. It just makes me really mad. Tony called me and yelled at me for like 20 minutes for posting something on my facebook like normal. I know I'm stupid but I was excited about finally after a year and 3 months of dating that I would be finally moving in with Tony. Well so much for that I guess. Why can't anything ever go right in my life.

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  1. Hi:)
    Hope everything worked out for the best:)
    I would not worry about are NOT in the wrong here...THEY ARE for making such a big deal out of something you only thought was nice:)
    Thanks for following my blog:)